Our team is unique as we are determined to solve our partners real problem with finding the best, quickest and most effective solution. We have finished all project successfully that we have started. We are open on issues, believe in accelerated success via teamwork and open enough to accept that the best solution can come from anyone. 

  • Digital transformation

    We understand that digital transformation is easy on paper and hard to implement in life, especially for big companies with well established organisation and processes. We are experienced in digitalisation from building your digital processes to transform your team to be more agile.  

  • IT insourcing

    Building an insourced development team is challenging. We are experienced in building insourcing strategy including interim and target organisational structure. Besides the strategy we are supporting our partners through the transformation process. 

  • IT development and solution delivery

    Our team is talented in E2E IT solution delivery. We have special interest in cutting edge technologies as we are about to build the best and most relevant solution to our partners.

  • Interim IT and Programme Management

    All companies faces temporary resource need in core IT and project management functions. We are there to step in and support you through this hard time. We are talented in stabilising project in bad shape and managing organisations through organisational changes. 

    We are determined to represent our partners interest,  actively support the recruitment of new leaders and support the team development.

  • IT Operations

    Seamless operations of existing infrastructure and IT landscape is as important as building our future. We are parter in your day to day IT operations regardless you need interim or longterm support to your service. 

  • Startup incubation

    We are enthusiastic about ideas that are about to digitalise our world and as such make our life more convenient. 

Viktória Laky 

IT organisation development and project portfolio expert 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vlaky

Antal Bakó 

Digital transformation and Organisation/Insourcing expert 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bako-antal-90410a6

Zoltán Fehér 

IT development and Operations Specialist

Phone Number

+36 70 395 8400

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